Monsterized: Werdna Ordom

Posted on March 24, 2009


In response to this post by Steve Nibbelink at Vulcan Stev’s Database, and drawing on a series of Twitter posts I made some time ago, here’s my go at “monsterizing” myself. I present to you Werdna Ordom, Smarter-Than-You Sorceror, a possibly amusing antagonist for Microlite20 fantasy games.

Werdna Ordom
Mage 18

STR 10 (+0)
DEX 20 (+5)
MIND 24 (+7)

Physical +18
Subterfuge +18
Knowledge +21
Communication +18

HP 73
AC 21

Possessions: Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Sustenance, Staff of Fire, Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (+1 AC), Headband of Intellect +6

Spells: As an 18th level mage, Werdna Ordom can cast arcane spells up to 9th level.

Werdna Ordom isn’t necessarily evil. He is, however, completely aware that he’s smarter than just about anybody else (mostly thanks to his Headband of Intellect), and because of this he’s fairly convinced that he knows how to run things just plain better. People generally don’t like being shown up by a smartass, and this has earned Ordom a rather blackened reputation. Even without his Headband, Ordom is quite intelligent, but he’s spent so long wearing the magic item that without it he feels much less capable, and this insecurity, coupled with a natural lack of patience with people who have less-than-genius intellects, makes him abrasive, sharp, brusque and unpleasant.

Though not physically powerful, Ordom has put quite a bit of work into getting out of the way of being hit. He enhances his defenses any way he can, mostly because it seems there’s always some pesky adventurer taking a whack at him, and those whacks hurt.

Ordom will often appear as an antagonist because the PCs are on a course of action he feels incorrect. He will attempt to redirect the party, and PCs being what they are they are unlikely to listen to his rude and imperious instructions. He may also seek to relieve PCs of magic items that he feels are safer and better-used in his care. If anyone insults his intelligence, Ordom will become quite angry, seeking to teach the impertinent person a lesson.

It’s unlikely anyone will ever actually make friends with Ordom, but logical appeals to his intellect — not his pride; only inferior minds seek glory — could win him as a temporary ally. He could also possibly be bribed with powerful magical items.

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