Rolling the Bones

Posted on March 24, 2009


Welcome to the beginning of yet another of my projects.  I’ve been considering splitting off a gaming blog for some time; now seems to be the right time.

This blog will focus on my favorite hobby: roleplaying games.  More specifically, this is where I will make public my thoughts about the play and design of such games.  It is unlikely that you will see any revolutionary, industry-shaking manifestos here.  What you will see is my personal take on the hobby and the games, ideas and people that comprise it, as well as my own efforts at game design.

I have been gaming since 1982, when I was just six years old. My godparents’ son got the red Tom Moldvay D&D Basic set for his birthday, and we dug into it. We didn’t really play the game as written, but I was hooked. I’ve played every edition of D&D and AD&D since then (except 4th), and I’ve tried to diversify my experiences over the years. I don’t own nearly as many gaming books as I used to, thanks to various moves and so forth, but I treasure those I still have.

Right now, I belong to a wonderful group who mostly live together (husband and wife, and their housemate; there are others who show up from time to time, but we’re the core). We play a lot of D&D — both 3.5e and a mashup of 1e and 2e — but we also branch out into other games from time to time. We often game on both Friday and Saturday nights, and since I use my laptop to access online documents instead of spreading books and sheets all over the limited table space, I may even provide action reports from our campaigns.

Eventually I intend to see about joining the RPG Blogger Network. This may be difficult since I won’t be blogging about D&D 4e, but it’s worth a shot.

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