Order of the d30

Posted on March 26, 2009


A bit of a trail leads back through this post at The RPG Corner to Jeff Rients’s Gameblog:

“I now declare the Order of the d30. You and Zach are both authorized to go forth and be awesome in the name of the thirty sider.”

And with that, this banner was born:

Order of the d30

Here is the sole requirement for belonging to the Order:

Anyone else who wants to take this coat of arms and post it on their blog, by all means do so. That is the sole requirement for membership in the Order. Your sole duty? Go forth and be awesome in the name of the thirty sider.

I’ve owned a d30 for years, and never used it. I’ve often pondered doing something to give myself (and others) an opportunity to roll this monster, but nothing really came to mind beyond checking for days in a “standard” 30-day month or a weapon with ridiculous d30-based damage.

Not long ago, I did create this d30-based alternate master table (a 19.9KB PDF file) for the 4c System (a distill of the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes RPG). Other than that, I haven’t really come up with any worthwhile ideas. Perhaps replacing a d20 for epic level D&D? I will continue to ponder, and perhaps some day I’ll finally have something.

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