Core Character: Seraphina Thorngage, Halfling Necromancer 1

Posted on April 2, 2009


Thanks to something Dr. Checkmate said on Twitter, I’ve decided to do a series of core-only D&D 3.5e characters ranging in level from 1 to 20, some single-classed, some multiclassed. These characters will all be straight out of the PHB, using the Wealth By Level table in the DMG for equipment and readily available wealth.

I will present these characters in a format I consider readable. I don’t care for the sample stat blocks used in the books. Also, character alignments will be left up to the reader’s choice (though obviously some characters will have required alignments).

We begin with Seraphina Thorngage, a halfling trained in the dark arts of necromancy, fresh from her master’s tutelage:

Seraphina Thorngage
Female Halfling Necromancer 1

Strength 9 (-1)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 9 (-1)

Fortitude +5*, Reflex +3, Will +3
* Familiar (Rat) bonus included

AC 15 (+3 Dex, +1 Small, +1 Armor)
HD 1d4+2, HP 6

Concentration 4 (+6)
Knowledge (Arcana) 4 (+7)
Knowledge (Religion) 4 (+7)
Spellcraft 4 (+7)

Special Abilities and Feats
Halfling traits, Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Familiar (Rat), Brew Potion

Dagger +0 (1d3-1)
Dart +4 (1d3-1)

Padded (+1, 5% arcane spell failure chance)

Specialty school: Necromancy
Prohibited schools: Conjuration, Evocation

0-level (cantrips): 3+1, all cantrips in book
1st level: 2+1, cause fear, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement, shield, hold portal

Money: 67gp, 5 sp to spend.

Not many people expect a halfling mage. Fewer still expect a halfling necromancer wearing padded robes for extra protection. Drop Seraphina in if you need to shock your low-level players a bit. Use her as an aspiring “expert” on the undead, or a newly-inducted agent of evil. If she gets caught in a fight against the PCs, her first act will be either to cast shield (raising her AC to a very respectable 19) or attempt to flee. She will make liberal use of ray of enfeeblement and cause fear to enable her escape. If she is working as an ally to the characters, she will use disrupt undead, resistance and message for their benefit.

Thanks to her less-than-average charisma, Seraphina can be either creepily quiet, or perhaps a bit touched. Perhaps she sports death-themed jewelry, or cares less for the living than the dead and is somewhat brusque or uncommunicative. She is obviously concerned about her own protection, especially since she cannot create undead minions yet.

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