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Core Character: Boddynock Folkor, Gnome Barbarian 1

April 9, 2009


I now present another core-only character. This time I took a suggestion from a friend and threw together another unusual combination: a gnome barbarian. Here he is: Boddynock Folkor Male Gnome Barbarian 1 Strength 15 (+2) Dexterity 12 (+1) Constitution 16 (+3) Intelligence 9 (-1) Wisdom 11 (+0) Charisma 10 (+0) Fortitude +5, Reflex +1, […]

Real This Time

April 9, 2009


I learned of the verification of Dave Arneson’s passing on Wednesday, but I spent the day quite ill and wanted to make absolutely certain this time. It was good that he had a little more time with his family and spent his last moments in relative comfort, and it is also good that he is […]