Simfanad: Simple Fantasy Adventure

Posted on April 23, 2009


I’m now working on a project I call Simfanad (for “simple fantasy adventure”). This rules-light fantasy game is a distill/retro-clone of / inspired by an “adventure game” designed by Jessica M. Ney and Pete Fenlon and published by Iron Crown Enterprises for a famous fantasy license.

Simfanad uses the fantasy and modern System Reference Documents released by Wizards of the Coast under the OGL as well as a few borrowings from Microlite20 to reimagine the feel and style of this earlier adventure game as a somewhat generic fantasy system, with minor modifications. It uses 2d6 (rather than a d20) for checks/tests and simplifies such things as weapons and magic from the SRDs, in the fashion of the original game. The “basic” version of Simfanad includes four races and four classes particular to the original game; further advances will include more races and classes from the SRDs.

I will be releasing the rough “version 0.1” document only to a select few to help me playtest and iron out bugs, but I will keep you all informed as I progress. I started with a few conversion notes yesterday, and have been working on the rough document this morning.