Simfanad Update: Magic Items

Posted on May 14, 2009


These magic items are adapted from a treasure pile in one of the original game’s pack-in adventures. I added brief descriptions to some and tweaked the names. I will be adding more items, such as charms which reduce drain for specific spells (which will probably be highly-prized by mages), magic armors and more miscellaneous items.

Deathward Pendant: An inch-wide golden sunburst pendant on a silver chain. May be activated once per day to cast Deathward (Drain 4): All allies within 10′ of the user take half damage from undead energy drain (ghosts, specters, wights).

Goggles of Sight: Shiny brass eyeware with smoky quartz lenses. For 1 hour each day, the wearer may see invisible objects, characters and creatures, and attacks them with +2 to Melee or Ranged Attack Bonus. Does not have to be used continuously.

Life Bullets: Small greenish marble-like sling bullets. When used against undead, double total damage inflicted. Each bullet’s magic works for one successful hit.

Ordom’s Lockpicks: Silver-plated lockpicking tools with a magic rune. Add +2 to Subterfuge rolls when used to pick a lock.

Blessed Sword: One-handed blade inscribed with mystic symbols of purity. +2 Melee Attack Bonus and +2 damage against undead.

Suncutter: Battleaxe with a sturdy oak haft. The blade shines golden in direct sunlight. +2 Melee Attack Bonus and +3 damage against undead.

Shadowstabber: Dagger with a dull, dark gray blade. +1 Melee Attack Bonus and +1 damage when wielded by a rogue.

Horn of the Hunter: Leather and sinew-bound horn with a brass mouthpiece. May be blown 3 times per day. When blown, all allies within hearing receive +1 to Melee Attack Bonus and +1 to Ranged Attack Bonus for 5 rounds. May not be blown while the bonus is in effect.

Far Thorn: Longbow of a strange snowy white wood laced with silver designs, with a range of 200′. +1 to Ranged Attack Bonus and +1 to damage.

Girdle of Giant Strength: Broad steel-studded leather belt. +3 to wearer’s Strength and +2 to wearer’s Melee Attack Bonus for 6 rounds, 3 times per day.