Game Fu 5: Sprouting Seed

Posted on May 24, 2009


The first idea forms. Instead of fighting against the current and trying to rely on heavy interpretation, I’ve decided to go with the flow and work with the symbols and images pretty much at face value.

These are the ingredients I’ve chosen for this idea:

System: Teamwork is a core component of the game, with the party’s power through teamwork being markedly greater than the sum of its parts

Setting: Seasons do not vary by the passage of time but are locked to specific geographic locations.

Phrases: Adapt or die, Blood will tell (“Blood will tell whether you adapt or die.”)

Images: (“fantasy teller”) (“fantasy tree”) (“astral voyage”)

I laid out the premise in the thread on RPGnet in the words of the storyteller, thus:

“Our myth tells of a time when the world was one. Life grew as the sun warmed and the days lengthened, and then shrank and slept in the cold and dark, only to return anew — “seasons”, they were called. We do not know what changed, or if these are just wishes. All we know is that our world is now many, pockets of light, life and warmth in an endless sea of cold, ice and dark.

You, my children, are the ones who keep us alive, the ones who will journey across this sea from one island of spring, summer and autumn to the next. But only if you live true to your blood and join together to become one of the mighty, beautiful Arks that can survive the winter that encompasses all. You must learn to travel and fight as one, one that transcends your individual selves to become something greater.

Now, listen to me as I tell you of the glories and nightmares you will see…”

The characters will mechanically be able to unite, combining their abilities to face challenges. Who controls what will be an important part of the system, a lot like characters in control of different aspects of a space ship. In fact, the Arks will operate a lot like dreamland space ships. The challenge for me will be creating interesting foes and situations to occupy the characters, as well as making the mechanics simple and flexible.