Words of Recall

Posted on August 7, 2009


The upheaval in my life that had prevented me from making entries in this blog is finally settled, so I look forward to getting back to talking about my personal gaming experiences and ideas. I wanted, however, to briefly address the fact that I will not be addressing a major issue which is shaking up the gaming community at this moment: the Wizards of the Coast Fan Site Kit debacle.

I have nothing to say about D&D 4e, which means I also have nothing to say about WotC at this time. I think their behavior is ludicrous, but this blog is supposed to be about my personal thoughts regarding RPGs. Other people are covering the story a lot better than I could in a lot of other places. I let myself get embroiled in the PDF/”piracy” brouhaha and though I believed I had something worth saying, and saying it brought people to read my words, I probably should have just left it alone.

Now that life is settling down I want to get back to working on Simfanad and my seasonal fantasy setting. I also have a d20 Modern/Future campaign I’m working up to run for a couple friends that I would like to talk about — Blade Runner-style action and investigation set against the backdrop of post-Masters Robotech. One of those friends is going to run a Macross-style BESM game with thematic elements pulled from that universe as well as The Mysterious Cities of Gold that feels like it’s going to be an amazing creation, and the other friend is thinking about trying to run a modern G.I. Joe game using Spycraft First Edition. So, lots to talk about in the upcoming days and weeks.

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