Finding Direction: Looking for a design partner

Posted on September 29, 2009


I’ve allowed this blog to lie fallow for some time for multiple reasons. I haven’t been doing as much gaming since I moved, and I haven’t had the energy to keep up with projects like the 3.5e D&D character designs. There are several games I would love to get into, including Pathfinder, Cthulhutech and Rogue Trader (when it comes out), and with my birthday coming up I’m hoping I might get a core book for a new game to help spark something.

Another primary reason has been that I tend to have trouble fully realizing a game project. I start with great enthusiasm and a plethora of ideas, but I start running into walls of perfectionism and unexpected necessities; I get bogged down in things, I try to do too many things at once, I realize things I need to be adding in that I hadn’t anticipated. My energy runs out, and I get stuck staring despondently at the unfinished project, never going back to it even though I say I will.

What I need is a design partner, someone to help out by working on the bits that frustrate me, keep me focused and motivate me when I get run down. There are certain aspects of game design that I find I have little taste for (equipment lists, fiddly spot rules for things like fire, falling and poison, etc.) and it would be great to find someone who enjoys or at least doesn’t mind those things, and also enjoys bouncing around ideas to watch something grow.

The person I’m looking for would be a full partner, of course. I’m not looking for a lackey or someone to mooch work from. Yes, at first I’d want this person to help me finish the projects I have started (my Game Fu games, and so on), but I’d also want to do the same for this prospective partner. After that, the sky’s the limit.

Ideally, I’d also like for this person to know or have some idea about publishing, even if it’s just putting stuff up on Lulu. Getting my/our stuff out there and deriving a little bit of income from it is a goal.

The question now is, where to begin? Do I go onto the RPG forums I visit and start asking around? Should I try to increase the visibility of this post and hope to attract the right eyes? I’m thinking a bit of both. Now I just have to get psyched up and do it. Not knowing where to begin is a real problem, but being afraid to try is an absolute killer.

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