New Year, New Goals

Posted on January 12, 2010


The last quarter of 2009 was a time of focus on other aspects of my life, and this blog lay fallow during all of that. But now that the year and decade* have turned, it’s time for me to start thinking about gaming again. So here are some goals I’m setting for myself. Not quite resolutions, and not iron-clad; flexibility is good, and plans never survive contact with reality anyway.

1.) Finish and publish a project. I have many half-finished game projects lying around in various states of need. 1914 needs work on the setting and “what do you do with it?” ideas. Mad Science Boys needs a setting and also guidelines for rivalries and sidekicks. Seasonalis needs further expansion, sample islands and so on. Simfanad needs OGL monster conversions and then a rewrite into a presentable document. Any one of these is ready to go; I just have to get off my duff.

2.) Find a design partner. Still looking. There’s a guy on a message board who offered to help, but I haven’t spoken to him since November, so I don’t think he’s the partner I’ve been searching for.

3.) Try more games. There are a myriad games/systems I’d like to try out — BRP, Savage Worlds, Star Wars Saga Edition, d6 (including Mini-Six).

4.) Run a game. I need to get over my fear of the work involved. I know I have problems creating plots and I don’t like prep work. Running something light and off-the-cuff for my group shouldn’t be too hard, and they’re quite forgiving. I just have to stop worrying about “doing it right”.

5.) Game more. And here it is, the same “goal” I have every year. My group sometimes game on both Friday and Saturday, but I still feel like we’re not really doing all that much. I need to find additional play groups to feed my needs.

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