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Examining High Level Play: Part One

November 16, 2010


Part one of a two-part post by me looking at high-level play in RPGs went live today at Stargazer’s World. In it I namecheck multiple games, such as Nobilis, Amber Diceless, Exalted, Mage: the Ascension and of course D&D Immortals, looking at different aspects of high-level play. The second part will go up tomorrow. Go […]

Immortals Campaign Session 2

October 29, 2010


Roland’s player was occupied watching his young niece, so Templar and Kina squared off in a hand-to-hand sparring match. In the first round, as they closed with each other, they rolled matching initiative totals. We interspersed their attacks, but Templar quickly discovered that though he possessed the knowledge and skill to strike vulnerable spots (Mystic […]

The Campaign Begins

October 26, 2010


The first session of the Immortals campaign began with the PCs waking up to blackness. Their senses returned to them one at a time, and they discovered themselves lying under a starry sky atop a strange, flat floor that shifted and wavered just at the edge of their ability to see (a function of the […]

Fiend Conversion: Ultroloth

October 23, 2010


I actually did this about a week ago. Here’s what an ultroloth will look like in this campaign, with a writeup in the style of the fiend entries in Wrath of the Immortals: Ultroloth Sphere: Entropy Status: Exalted Power Points: 200 Anti-Magic: 25% Armor Class: 0 Hit Dice: 19 (* 10) Hit Points: 95 Move: […]

Reimagining the Blood War

October 22, 2010


I was never a huge fan of Planescape or the “Great Wheel” cosmology. A large part of that was the fact that all the places the game wanted you to go to, such as Sigil, the Gate Towns and the first layers of Outer Planes, seemed boring and forced to me. The places I always […]

Project Status Updates

October 11, 2010


With a couple projects coming close to fruition, I thought now might be a good time to talk about what’s going on. In no particular order: Resolute, Adventurer and Genius is ready for playtesting. It’s up to me to come up with some kind of adventure to put it through its paces, and plotted adventures […]

Return of the Immortals

September 30, 2010


I really ought to be working on Resolute, Adventurer & Genius. We’re ready to playtest, and with the addition of some paranormal foes and a GM ideas section the base draft will be finished. I’m feeling a bit burnt out, though, so I’m slowly giving in to an urge that has been building for a […]