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Examining High Level Play: Part One

November 16, 2010


Part one of a two-part post by me looking at high-level play in RPGs went live today at Stargazer’s World. In it I namecheck multiple games, such as Nobilis, Amber Diceless, Exalted, Mage: the Ascension and of course D&D Immortals, looking at different aspects of high-level play. The second part will go up tomorrow. Go […]

Turn of a Friendly Card

June 20, 2010


Most tabletop roleplaying games make use of some kind of random element to inject tension and determine the answer to questions such as, “Can I open this lock?” or “Do I hit my enemy?” With a few notable exceptions (like the Amber Diceless RPG), tabletop RPGs use dice of various kinds for this random element. […]