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Real This Time

April 9, 2009


I learned of the verification of Dave Arneson’s passing on Wednesday, but I spent the day quite ill and wanted to make absolutely certain this time. It was good that he had a little more time with his family and spent his last moments in relative comfort, and it is also good that he is […]

Dave Makes the Save!

April 7, 2009


I thought I had waited long enough for independent confirmation, but apparently I need to make like the Dude and abide a bit more. Dave Arneson has not, in fact, passed away, and is currently in hospice care. This is one of those times I am glad to be able to say I made a […]

For Dave (Incorrect Information!)

April 7, 2009


This post was based on information which turned out to be incorrect. Mr. Arneson has not passed away. I didn’t know Dave Arneson personally, but I can see the impact he had on this hobby. Arneson is chiefly remembered as the architect of the Blackmoor campaign and “the other guy” who created Dungeons & Dragons. […]

A Wizard Did It

April 7, 2009


Like so many others, I found this in my email inbox this morning: “Wizards of the Coast has notified us that we may no longer sell or distribute their PDF products. Accordingly, after April 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific time, Wizards of the Coast PDFs will no longer be available for purchase on; after […]

Five Games I Want To Play

April 5, 2009


I’m familiar with a few different RPGs thanks to my experiences over the years: (A)D&D and various d20 incarnations, White Wolf’s original World of Darkness games and games using variants of the old Storyteller system (including Exalted 1e), Everway, Amber Diceless, the first edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth. I’ve also got passing familiarity with […]

Why Not D&D 4e?

March 29, 2009


Some of you have undoubtedly been wondering why I won’t be blogging about the fourth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. I had initially intended not to touch the question at all, but after some consideration I’ve decided to present my reasoning. This is not an anti-4e screed. I’ve seen enough of those, […]

Developing Character Personality

March 27, 2009


I am primarily a player. I respect GMs a great deal, but I have trouble maintaining all the various aspects necessary to run a good game. I prefer to focus on an individual character, developing that person’s story as I go along. When I design a character, I start with a vague idea of what […]

Order of the d30

March 26, 2009


A bit of a trail leads back through this post at The RPG Corner to Jeff Rients’s Gameblog: “I now declare the Order of the d30. You and Zach are both authorized to go forth and be awesome in the name of the thirty sider.” And with that, this banner was born: Here is the […]

Rolling the Bones

March 24, 2009


Welcome to the beginning of yet another of my projects.  I’ve been considering splitting off a gaming blog for some time; now seems to be the right time. This blog will focus on my favorite hobby: roleplaying games.  More specifically, this is where I will make public my thoughts about the play and design of […]