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A Totally New Take on the Old World

August 15, 2009


Fantasy Flight Games have let loose something of a tempest with their announcement of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition. In a nutshell, FFG are taking WFRP in an almost completely new direction, one that resembles the choices made by D&D 4th Edition in some ways. The response was immediate and has been somewhat predictable: strong […]

Words of Recall

August 7, 2009


The upheaval in my life that had prevented me from making entries in this blog is finally settled, so I look forward to getting back to talking about my personal gaming experiences and ideas. I wanted, however, to briefly address the fact that I will not be addressing a major issue which is shaking up […]

A Wizard Did It

April 7, 2009


Like so many others, I found this in my email inbox this morning: “Wizards of the Coast has notified us that we may no longer sell or distribute their PDF products. Accordingly, after April 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific time, Wizards of the Coast PDFs will no longer be available for purchase on; after […]

Why Not D&D 4e?

March 29, 2009


Some of you have undoubtedly been wondering why I won’t be blogging about the fourth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. I had initially intended not to touch the question at all, but after some consideration I’ve decided to present my reasoning. This is not an anti-4e screed. I’ve seen enough of those, […]