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Interview with the AntiPaladins: Mini Six Bare Bones Edition

August 18, 2010


Ray Nolan and Phil Morris of AntiPaladin Games recently released a drastically revised and expanded version of their Open d6-based microlite, Mini Six. This new “Bare Bones Edition” comes in a beautiful, easy-to-use 38 page PDF that weighs in at only 6.95 megabytes. Not only does the document include the Mini Six rules, it also […]

Examining the Microlite

January 14, 2010


Over the past couple years, the phenomenon of “microlite” gaming has grown considerably. Starting with Microlite20, the trend of boiling systems down to their barest essential elements has taken on a life of its own, including Microlite74 (and the upcoming Microlite75) and the new Mini-Six from AntiPaladin Games. I’ve been a fan of Microlite20 for […]