The Campaign Begins

Posted on October 26, 2010


The first session of the Immortals campaign began with the PCs waking up to blackness. Their senses returned to them one at a time, and they discovered themselves lying under a starry sky atop a strange, flat floor that shifted and wavered just at the edge of their ability to see (a function of the small plane they were in, called the Panopticon — more on that later). Their forms were somewhat indistinct, as their identities were yet undecided.

A dark-skinned man appeared to them, introducing himself as Windu and asking them who they were. The characters remembered their old identities, but felt these identities were incomplete and that new identities were more correct. As they introduced themselves, their forms solidified: Kina, the tiny Chaotic rainbow-haired proponent of Energy; Templar, the Neutral, sex-shifting, stark-clad servant of Thought; and Roland, the Lawful silvery draconic warrior of Matter. Windu explained their current situation, but admitted that he did not know why or for what these three had been chosen by the Hierarchs themselves. Using the power of the Panopticon, a planar observatory capable of scanning the realms of the multiverse from the very large (the sky overhead) to the very small (the quantum flickering below), Windu explained the basics of the multiverse and the Spheres to these newest Immortals. The Initiates quickly grasped the concepts, thanks to their memories and creativity from their former mortal existences. Pleased with their enthusiastic acceptance of their situation, Windu escorted the Initiates from the Panopticon and into the lowest levels of the city once known as Pandius, now identified with the same name as its plane: Celestia.

In the bright sunshine, they observed the vast expanses — especially the mountain stretching up to infinity, its terraces clad in infinite variety of structural aesthetics. Above them, they witnessed beings of many shapes flying without aid and thus learned of their own ability to escape the bonds of any gravity. Windu led the Initiates out of the Panopticon’s courtyard and into an avenue hundreds of feet wide. Some of the beings overhead were of a kind with others on the avenue: beautiful winged humanoid men and women. As the Immortals passed, those nearby on the ground bowed to them, rising only as the Immortals passed. Windu revealed these to be angels, servants of the Spheres of Energy, Matter, Time and Thought. He did not speak of the servants of Entropy called “fiends”, saving that for later. He did explain that Entropy was a necessary thing for the balance of the multiverse, but briefly mentioned that it had become imbalanced within itself.

Windu took the Initiates to another small plane set within Celestia, called the Arena. Here, he provided the Initiates with simple targets and objects with which to test their capabilities. The player characters gleefully dove into their ability to access magic, exploring various strategies. Kina unleashed force fields and prismatic walls. Templar teleported about, and Roland attempted to use his magic to escape one of the fields without much success. The session ended here, with the Initiates about to begin exploring actual combat, having been told that any damage suffered here would not linger. The players were awarded 2 Power Points for their successful entry into the realm of Immortality.

I want to thank my players (Jason Cabral as Roland, Ina van der Vegt as Kina and John Martin as Templar) for their enthusiasm and their knowledgeable play. We’re all eager to get to the next session, which will happen as soon as we can all get our schedules aligned.

As you can see, I’m tweaking things as I go along. I allowed Roland to alter his breath weapons in both function and form, Kina to perform minor tricks with her hair (nothing as useful as the Snap special power, though) and Templar to change sex from one instant to the next because I thought the ideas were cool. The concept of dedicated-use planes of small size contained within a larger plane that likewise had a dedicated purpose intrigued me. There are now many such “pocket” planes within Celestia, including many Home Planes for new and inexperienced Immortals. Windu himself is an Empyreal of Thought, but has been given the important task of training three Initiates at once — four, when the Time NPC is introduced.

To conclude, here are Windu’s character writeup and the stats for an Astral Deva, the most common of the angels. Note that I am using the optional rule that Immortals gain new special powers as they increase in rank.

Sphere: Thought
Alignment: Lawful
Rank: Empyreal (Level 22)
Power: 4000
Hit Dice: 36
Hit Points: 390
Anti-Magic: 70%
Armor Class: -20 (-8 natural, -12 Dex)
# Attacks: 4
Damage: 4d12+12 unarmed
Ability Scores: Strength 65, Dexterity 65, Constitution 50, Intelligence 70, Wisdom 60, Charisma 60
Saves: Spells 13, Physical Attacks 7, Mental Attacks 10, Power Attacks 9* (1/4 on successful save, else 1/2)
Special Powers: Enhanced Reflexes (+2 initiative), Extra Attack (+1), Improved Saving Throw (Power Attacks), Increased Damage (+1 die), Mystic Special Abilities (3d12 hand damage, Gentle Touch, Blankout, Mind Block vs. Immortal spells, Heal Self 22 HP, Awareness)

Astral Deva
Sphere: Any
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 100
Anti-Magic: 25%
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 13 (* 10)
Hit Points: 65
Move: 120′ (40′), 180′ (60′) flying
Attacks: 1 weapon or 1 slam
Damage: 1d6+5 or 1d4
No. Appearing: 1 (1d4)
Save As: IM1
Morale: Special
Treasure Type: B
Intelligence: 1d6+15
Alignment: Lawful (Matter), Neutral (Time or Thought), Chaotic (Energy) (good behavior)
XP Value: 10,850 (1 PP)

Commonly known simply as “devas”, these entities are minor yet powerful servants of the Spheres of Energy, Matter, Time and Thought. Their primary function is to carry out tasks assigned them by Immortals, either when the Immortal is too busy (or disinclined) to perform the task or the Immortal’s full might is not required. Many are specifically tasked to travel the planar expanses and assist those in need, especially those being threatened by undead and fiends of all sorts.

Devas are enthusiastic combatants, unafraid to challenge their foes up close. Each deva weilds a special mace +5 constructed of silvery metal with gold flecks. In combat their primary goal will be to assist in the escape of those in need, but they will not hesitate to assist in the destruction of their foes if the battle is going well. They will make use of Power Attack only on rare occasions, as their own Power is limited and often dedicated to gaining access to magic-user or cleric spells.

Astral devas appear as winged humanoid figures of strength, grace and beauty, clad in boots, a kilt wrap and a sleeveless tunic. A deva’s special powers are Call Other (Initiate level), Turn Undead, Enhanced Reflexes and Summon Weapons. They receive 1d4+20 for Strength, 1d6+15 for Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution and Dexterity and 1d4+18 for Charisma.